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    Unterminated String Error

    Rebecca Eldridge

      Hi there!


      I am receiving an unterminated string error when trying to create the formula below.


      IF [Campaignaccountnumber]=8770869 and [Fundraisingaccount]=184739 AND [SOURCECODE]='3RDPARTY2016’ OR [SOURCECODE]='Breakfast100' OR [SOURCECODE]='Breakfast100 2016' OR [SOURCECODE] =‘CrowdSenator’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘MISC’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘MISC 2016’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘ScavH12474’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘ScavHunt 2016’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘StudUW12475’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘StudUWGreekSing’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘StudUWGreekSing2016’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘TQEvents’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘VOL EVENT 2016’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘VolProjs12476’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘WLC Lunch 2016’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘WLCTuhoyLunch’ OR [SOURCECODE]=‘WLC 12473’ THEN [RUM] END


      Any advice you can give is much appreciated!