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    Replacing an integer to display N/A for a certain category

    Shelby Lovejoy

      Hi all,


      Is it possible to display N/A instead of the integer for a specific category?


      For example, in my data we have different types (A, B, C so on)

      I have the average dollar and totals for each category but for category A I'd like it to say N/A instead of the integer it's producing since it's not relevant for it.

      Reason being, I still want it to show to the total but for average to display N/A.


      Any work around?


      When I try a table calculation

      IF [Category] = "A" THEN [Dollar] = "N/A"

      ELSE [Dollar]



      It gives me this error, Can't compare float and string values.


      If I remove " " around N/A ==> THEN [Dollar] = N/A

      It gives me this error, expected type boolean, found float. Result types from 'IF' expressions must match.