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    Map Paths: Create a static starting point

    Michelle Kosmicki

      I have a global path map that has a country filter. All paths begin in the USA, so USA needs to stay selected when the map is reset to choose another country (or multiple countries).


      When only the USA is selected using the country filter, I have this map with dots. I'm fine with this as a starting point. When the country filter is cleared, I want the map to return to this state. The problem is that USA is in the country filter and is also cleared, leaving a blank page.


      Right now I am using latitude and longitude to map the path ends.


      In order to keep the USA selected, do I do a dashboard swap and replace or is there a parameter or case calculation that needs to be built? I've been trying to use different calculations and/or parameters, but not having much luck.


      Anyone have suggestions or ideas?