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    Idiots Guide Installing SSL in Google Compute Engine

    Bruce Fryer

      My Tableau Server 10 is installed in Google Compute Engine. It is virtually hosted on a Windows 2012 server.


      I want to install SSL, but can't get past Step 1: Creating a certificate signing request. I have unsuccessfully tried using Tableau and Google documentation. In particular, I have been trying to use Example: SSL Certificate - Generate a Key and CSR.


      Below, you will find the commands from the above article that I have run in an attempt to generate a key file to use to generate a certificate signing request and the resulting error message

      Error message.PNG

      I am a DIY Tableau enthusiast who loves Tableau Desktop so much that I convinced my project funder to purchase Tableau Server so that I can better serve the 5 public schools that I create vizs for. I am now feeling the weight of my hubris!