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    Data Visualization

    sebastien pochet



      I would like to have the same graph as this one :


      I did it in tableau but it's less beautiful and less clear for our client. What should I change in my setup ?


      I would like to have the forecast as a line more than a bar.


      Does someone have an idea ?



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          Matthew Risley



          Attaching a workbook is the best way to handle these types of questions. This allows the community to play with your data and walk you through the process


          In the meantime here are my suggestions:

          -First, change the color to make it pretty!

          -Create a dual axis chart so that you can have the 'Total' Line instead of the bar.

          -I also don't see a color legend, that could also help.


          If you need more assistance on the dual axis chart, just let us know and we can try helping you!

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            sebastien pochet

            Hi Matthew,


            Thanks a lot, I am really newbie to Tableau !

            OS I tried to make other graphs, but didn't work, I always have some measure or dimension missing to change it it seems.

            Here you can have access to my workbook


            The sheet that is in this graph is EAN calculated Monthly.


            Can you explain me how to create the same graph that in the first picture ?