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    Filtering by a Calculated field

    Ty Stackhouse

      I have created a sample workbook with a calculated field similar to what I am trying to do. In the sample workbook I would like to know what customers have had sales over 500 in 2015. To get a visual I created Calculation1:

      ** IF SUM([Sales])>500 THEN 1 else 0 END **.

      (Obviously this is an overly simplified example of what I am trying to find.) What I am looking to do is to take any city that has a customer that has  ** IF SUM([Sales])>500 THEN 1 else 0 END **  equal to 1 in the year 2015 and show only those cities with all of the CustomerIDs. Previously, I have filtered by CustomerID however, I want to see the other customers in  the same city. I have thought possibly making customer an ATTR and to filter??

      Any Suggestions??