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    How often is "Refresh More Often"

    MGMurthy Murthy

      Hi All,


      In Tableau server, in case if we go for the option to clear cache, we will go to "Tableau Server Configuration" --> "Data Connection" and will select "Refresh More often" or Select "Refresh Less often". My question is how often the data will be cleared in cache if i select  "Refresh More often" which means how much "minutes"?


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          John Kuo

          From Configure Data Connections :


          To configure caching, select from one of the following options: :

          • Refresh Less Often—Data is cached and reused whenever it is available regardless of when it was added to the cache. This option minimizes the number of queries sent to the database. Select this option when data is not changing frequently. Refreshing less often may improve performance.
          • Balanced—Data is removed from the cache after a specified number of minutes. If the data has been added to the cache within the specified time range the cached data will be used, otherwise new data will be queried from the database.
          • Refresh More Often—The database is queried each time the page is loaded. The data is still cached and will be reused until the user reloads the page. This option will ensure users see the most up to date data; however, it may decrease performance.


          I remember reading a post from Toby Erkson that "Refresh Less Often" will clear cache every 12 hours.

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            Russell Christopher

            John -


            Turns out that the 12 hour thing was in a spec and a few internal decks, but it's questionable whether it was actually implemented. I think this is worth an experiment! Will execute a viz right now and then see if I hit cache 13 or so hours from now...