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    Most valuable advanced visualizations


      Hello! I know, I know; you're probably getting inundated with "Best of..." lists this time of year, but I have a question for the Community: Which of the following advanced visualizations are used the most in data analytics--Histogram, Control Chart, Market Basket Analysis: Co-Occurrence, Pareto Chart, and KPI Chart? I'm looking for the top three.


      And by "most" I mean which of the advanced visualizations above get the most use in the data analytics world? Would someone get more use knowing how to make a pareto chart rather than a control chart? Is a histogram the king (or queen) of visualizations?


      I'm an instructional designer and need to pare down a section on Advanced Visualizations from a course I just wrote. Those listed above are what's currently included, and I need to cut the section to three. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Happy New Year!

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Heather,


          I also do instructional design so this is a topic I've thought about...I don't feel like I have a good sense about "used most" across the entirety of data visualization creators, I can speak to what I find most useful from the list you posted:


          - histogram. This is incredibly useful for validating data before we ever get to what we typically think of of "analysis" and "visualization", they are a go-to chart type for me.

          - Pareto charts. Whether we're trying to identify most profitable products, highest volume customers, or the largest sources of defects these are really useful charts.


          Beyond that I have a soft spot in my heart for control charts, I think they are perhaps the most under-utilized chart type. Very often the success or failure of KPIs in KPI charts is due to common cause variation that would be revealed (and lead to more effective interventions for performance improvement) if more people were trained in using control charts. Various kinds of KPI charts are (IMO) more commonly used than control charts, though.



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            Hi, Jonathan,

                Happy New Year! Thanks for your response. I will pare my Adv. Visualizations section down to the four you mentioned--histogram, Pareto charts, control charts and KPI charts. Even though I originally only wanted three, the reasoning you put behind keeping control charts makes sense. If understanding control charts better helps learners understand KPI charts better, then it makes sense to teach both!

                 Thanks again! Happy designing!