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    Cross Tab design

    Suresh Babu Kommuri

      Hello All,


      I am looking for structural cross tab help.


      I need to show data in the below fashion.

      Dimensions are




      measures are

      Total sales

      India Sales

      US sales


      India & US sales show based on date only under date column.



      Total SalesIndia Sales outUS SalesIndia salesIndia salesIndia salesUS SalesUS SalesUS Sales
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          Matthew Risley



          If you could add an attached workbook that is always best for these types of problems. Otherwise, we can't really play with the data.


          In the meantime, my guess would be the following:


          -Wholesaler on rows

          -Date on columns. Year first. Then Month. (filter for only Q4 by dragging quarters to filters and selecting Q4 - assuming calendar year)

          -Add US Sales and India sales to columns after date.*

          -For total sales use the ''Totals" options in the analysis ribbon or the Analytics pane that Tableau has and move it to the left.


          * I'm foreseeing an issue with your sales measures, though. A recommendation might be to have one "Sales" Column and then another column that is "Sales Type" and would indicate India or US.


          Something similar with my dummy data:


          Let me know if this helps!


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            Suresh Babu Kommuri

            Hello Matthew Risley,


            Thank you for your quick help. exactly I wanted like in screenshot.


            I tried but not able to separate Grand total as a column from Year or month calculation context. could you please upload your tableau test file along with you missed steps in highlighting to me.


            Advanced thanks,



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              Matthew Risley



              The only steps that may not be clear are the totals: So here are some screenshots:


              Drag totals from analytics pane:


              Move to the left:


              Alternatively you can also use the Analysis Tab to do some of this work as well.

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                KK Edla

                Hi Suresh,


                Just like Matt explained, you might want to create calculated fields to segregate your sales for US and India and use cross tab like below.