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    Fine tuning a dashboard that relies on filters

    Kevin Cashman

      Hi all,


      I set up a workbook with three test data series with a dashboard that combines various sheets and filters. I want to fine tune how the dashboard is displayed before adding the many other data series that I need to add.


      I envision people picking a data series by clicking on a line in the viz or by going through the filters (race/gender/age/education). Either way, I want the filters to be visibly selected and the selected line to be highlighted and the other lines grayed out. Right now it's either one or the other: if you select the line in viz, the other lines are grayed out, but the filters are not selected. Selecting a line via the filters removes all but that line, although the filters are obviously selected.


      The other issue is that I want the "Display" part of the viz to correspond to the line picked (picked either by selecting the line or by the filters, as I described above). Right now it lists all three lines.


      Any help would be appreciated at solving these issues!

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          Bill Lyons

          First, I want to thank you for including the packaged workbook. It really helped me understand what you are trying to do, and to find a solution.


          Take a look at the attached example and see if that is close to what you are wanting. In this, I changed your Dashboard Action Filters to apply only to the filter sheets and Display, but not to Line Graph. Then I added a Dashboard Action Highlight from the "filter" sheets to the Line Graph but not to Display. In order for the highlight actions to work on the Line Graph, the applicable fields needed to exist in the Line Graph view, so I added them to the Detail shelf.


          Is that helpful?

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            Kevin Cashman

            Hi Bill,


            Yes, that is helpful -- the display makes much more sense now. I should have also added that I'm generally trying to replicate this interactive: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/11/06/business/economy/unemployment-lines.html.


            Is there a way so that selecting the line in the line graph could also select the correct filters at the top and present the correct display (and override any other selection that was made)? I want people to be able to explore the data by using the filter or picking a line, similar to the NYT interactive.

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              Bill Lyons

              Yes, that is actually relatively easy. It is just a matter of selecting the source and destination sheets in the highlight action. See the attached.


              I also added another highlight action for hovering over a line, which applies only to the line graph sheet itself, based on the series.


              Is that what you are looking for?

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                Kevin Cashman

                I see the highlight action is working, but when I click the line it does not select those filters. Am I missing something there? Also when I click on the age and education filters, they are selecting every line with those filters, instead of the line that's consistent with all the filters.

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                  Bill Lyons

                  The action to click on the line is a highlight action, not a filter action, so selecting the line highlights the associated values in the filters:


                  As for the filters selecting more than one line, that is because the data in more than one line may be associated with a filter. That is determined by the data in your sample data set.


                  It is also important to note that the value "All Races" in the Races sheet is not truly connected to "all" races. In your data, it really means "all races except black or African American." Naming it "All" doesn't make it "all."


                  All of this boils down to learning how to apply action filters in the combinations producing the results you want. My illustrations were never intended to give you the complete and final solution, but to help point you in the right direction. In fact, I did not include Education in my example at all. You can combine multiple sheets and fields, both as the source and the destination in either filters or highlights. For example:



                  I hope that helps get you experimenting with the options available.

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                    Kevin Cashman

                    Thanks, Bill -- I have been experimenting and learning. One thing is that the "All races" option is a distinct data set -- not a combination of the specific race data -- so it should work as a distinct filter. I'll update with hopefully the final workbook!