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    filter using multiple measures as if they were dimension members

    Steve Gesuale



      I’m looking for some help solving an issue. I’ve tried using parameters and sets but failed…


      The data are individual research studies in various countries and corresponding regions. Since a study can take place in multiple countries and regions, the data has separate columns for each region with 1s and 0s (1 = yes). I’m trying to create a control which will allow users to select specific regions so that the display will only show studies from the selected regions (regardless of whether they are also in other, non-selected regions). I’m unable to pivot the data. There is another field (Region dimension) whose values are the regions whereby studies in more than one region are “Multiple” - this is currently encoded on the color shelf.


      I’ve tried creating discrete measures for each region and applying a filter, but since the only option is a slider, this seems too cumbersome and doesn’t allow multiple regions. What I would love is a control such as a multiple checkbox drop-down – basically as if the discrete region measures were members of a dimension…


      Any advice on cracking this? File attached. There’s lots of fields but the key ones are the ones in the Region folder in the Measures pane.