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    Map with Customer rank per country

    Julian Schönfelder



      I created a map on that I can see a pie chart + ranking of operators based on # subscribers per country. To be able to see every individual rank even when filtered for a particular customer I had to create a LOOKUP(MIN([Customer])) function for creating a new filter as described here: A Jedi (filter and table calc) trick | Tableau Software


      I now have another data source using with more data on the operators. I cannot aply the newly created filter on other sheets... any suggestions on how to move forward so that I only need on customer selection field instead of two when combining views in a dashboard?


      Many thanks!




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Julian,


          As you've found out table calculation filters can't be used across worksheets on a dashboard. You can use a parameter calculation where the user would select the parameter and something like LOOKUP(MIN([Customer]),0) = [myParameterValue] is on the Filters Shelf, filtering for True. However parameters are single select and require manual updates if you are adding or removing values, so they don't always work.,


          Another option that at least gets dynamic updates would be to use a data blend to fake a "dynamic" parameter, I wrote about this in Creating a Dynamic “Parameter” with a Tableau Data Blend | Drawing with Numbers ,  the calc in that case would be something like LOOKUP(MIN([Customer]),0) = ATTR([secondary source].[customer]). Again this would only be single-select.



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