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    Calendar - Fill in missing dates where data is not present

    Russel Quan

      Version 9.3.1


      I would like to show ticket events on a calendar.  If more than 1 event occurs on the same day, I'd like to show both events as a horizontal stacked bar.  (Successful).  However, I am unable to show calendar days or weeks when if an event did not occur during that week.  I've tried linking to a secondary table with all of the dates for the year.  To be successful in showing all of the dates, the date table must be primary, but then the days with multiple events are displayed as an asterisk, *, because it is a 1 to many.


      I want the best of both worlds.

      1. show multiple events. (Left view)

      2. show all dates. (Right view)



      See attached twbx.


      I learned the calendar format from Andy Kriebel and Jeffrey Shaffer on their 50 Tips in 50 Minutes video from TC16



      Thank you.