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    Trouble updating data with Tableau online datasources

    Garrett Joeckel

      Good day,


      I've setup refreshes through Tableau Online Sync program to my Tableau Online server and have been using it for a few months with no issues.  I am refreshing off of an access table.  Everything was working great, data was refreshing properly.  But I am now having an issue where data in my access tables are not being refreshed into my published data source.  I know the data exists - when I go to the access table being refreshed from the data is there.


      I am not receiving any errors on the refresh, so the actual refresh is working properly it is just not pulling in all of the data.  The refreshes are full extract refreshes so it should be pulling in everything that is in the access table.  Interestingly the only data that is not being refreshed is anything with shipping dates of 01/02/17 and later.  I have no filters on the refresh.


      Any advise would be helpful.





      Message was edited by: Garrett Joeckel OK I have figured out why my data is not pulling, I indeed do have a filter on the published data source that stops pulling in data beyond 01/01/2017.  For some reason this filter wasn't showing when I opened a new workbook and connected to the published data source.  However when I download an extract of the data source it is showing this filter there. How do adjust a filter on my published data source?  The tableau help site was not very helpful. Thanks, Garrett