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    How to show a percent bar chart based on percent of a completed survey by department?

    Doug Mathieu

      This is a newbie question but I have been searching all over and can only find complicated questions which don't answer my simple one. I attached a sample Tableau file showing some sample data and how I did a simple bar chart of the number of survey responses that answered "yes", by department.


      Now I want to make a similar bar chart to show the percentage of each department that answered "yes".  Without modifying the original data source, how can I do that? I tried creating a set that was filtered on "Yes" for the status field. then I did a calculated field to divide the "Yes"-filtered set by the original status field. Both were using "count" in front.


      count [status field set filtered on "Yes"]/ count [status field] 


      This didn't work and returned 100% for each of my rows.


      This must be really easy but I am out of ideas.