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    Backgrounder went down


      Hi All,


      We have two workers with each two backgrounder process . Out of which, one worker is running fine and other worker backgrounder process(2) is showing the status as down but it is running at the back-end when I checked using tabadmin cmd.


      I killed the backgrounder processes but the processes didn't show the UP status yet. Do we have any other option to fix this issue without going for the entire application restart.


      Let me know if you require any info.

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          Russell Christopher

          If you used tabadmin status -v and it told you there was nothing wrong, it was likely the portal was just showing you out of date information. I've seen this happen now and then. When in doubt, use tabadmin vs. the portal.


          You probably didn't need to kill anything based on what you've said (the backgrounders auto-recycle now and then, so it's not 100% unusual to see one is down for (very) short period of time). As long as tabadmin says "OK", then you're OK.


          In your shoes, I'd use tabadmin -v again to see what the status of the processes are. Sounds to me like you may be worrying about nothing

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            John Kuo

            Try opening these TCP ports on your server: 8250-8251 (2 ports for two backgrounders, port range should increase incrementally with each additional backgrounder, e.g. if you have 5 backgrounders, open 8250-8254) and 8350-8351. Do let us know if this fixed the issue.





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              Thank you Russell and John. Issue got fixed with the application restart.