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    Stacked Bar

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team,


      I have Dashboard like below with two views, bat chart and text table for details.


      if i click on Member count i should show related members on the text table. if i click o IP claims, text tabe should show member details who r having IP claims in the text table. if member is having ip claim the it will be 1 in the IP Claims column.

      if i am not adding Member ID in the Bar chart, drill down is not at all working. So, I Added Member ID in the details of the Bar chart. Now Drill down is working. But the Problem is view is splitting by Member ID(Like below view), it is becoming stacked bar after adding the Member ID in the details, which is not my requirement.



      I need to show the total counts on the single bar(like first view). This is is my requirement. can any one help me on this.