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    How to create "AND" "OR" formula

    Leeanne Soo



      I'm trying to create a formula for this requirement - a person needs to complete training ("A" AND "B") OR "C" to be considered Certified under a training program.


      The formula I've used is:

      IF ([Offering Course ID]="A" AND [Offering Course ID]="B") OR [Offering Course ID]="C"

      THEN [Name]



      This field is then dropped into the Measures field using COUNTD, which should capture unique count of Name of those who have done the requirements as above. However, the results are returning "0" count for all instances. If I update the formula to be "OR", it will count the each Offering ID on it's own and disregards whether A or B has been done together, which isn't what I want.


      Can someone help please?


      Thank you!