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    triveni namballa

      Hello Everyone,


      I have created a date filter dynamically and showed last 15 days sales.


      But now i want to use that 15 days sales  TOTAL like


      (15 days sales total)- (current sales total)


      Here i have the current sales total field.


      So only i want to get Total sale value seperately to sum up with other field. How will it possible?


      For your reference plz find the attached screenshot.




      Please  helpme on this.



      Thanks and Regards,


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          Sumeet Bedekar

          Hi Triveni,


          Let me assume that you want to use total sum of last 15 days with some other calculation.


          Here is one try- We can use to Window Sum to get the one single number.


          In below example I have used YTD Sales.(last 15 days)


          We can see that Total for YTD is  733947.



          Now, create one calculated field YTD Total Sales

          WINDOW_SUM(SUM([YTD Sales]))


          this is will give one single number i.e is 733,947


          final op.PNG

          Hope this answers to your question





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            triveni namballa

            Hi sumeet ,


            Thanks for the reply. Here i got the value for 15 days sales but in a next sheet i want (15 days sales total)- (cuurnt sales total)


            When i am dragging that total 15 days sales value into other sheet it is giving overall sales total . I want only to show that 15 days sales total only. How will it possible?

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