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    Evaluating Fields on Related Objects

    Hannah Gogel

      Hello! I'm a new Salesforce admin and have had some experience with Tableau. I've been creating visualizations for our Salesforce data but am unable to understand something about the object relationships. Although I don't use Salesforce for sales, I'll try and come up with an equivalent sales example:


      If I would like to count all accounts that have one order from 2016 that is complete and one order from 2017 that is still in process, what does that calculation look like? I've tried to create several calculated fields but can't seem to wrap my head around how to do this one. Eventually, I would then like to create a bar chart where each bar is separated by year of most recent in process order (if it makes it easier, each account only has one open order), so there would be a count of accounts with an open order in 2015, open order in 2016, etc. 


      Thank you in advance for your thoughts!