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    How to show both label and percentage in KPI Donut

    Ritu Poola



      I am new to the Tableau and looking solution as required. My data is as shown below.

      There are 500 Student ids no duplicate ids and  assigned to subject like Maths,Science,Computer,Sports. These 4 subjects are fixed and repetitive  for different type of student ids ( not same student id)


      Student IDSubject
      500like any one above subject


      Solution needed in donuts in KPI view for below requirement

      Consider example like subject as Maths and assigned number of students are 150 then, in this case i need to show 3 items in the donut  KPI


            a) Different colour for total 500 students and angle should change and it should change as per  Percentage  i.e 30 % ( 150/500) in Maths critaria

            b) In Middle of the donuts need to show both labels text like 30% and 150 students.

            c) If we put Subject as column after dummy place holders then 4 donuts should visible like Maths,Science,Computer,Sports and donuts vary

      with % in angle and Middle of the donuts should have  number of students and percentage.


      I am not getting the exact KPI view. sample view look like below



      Please provide your inputs and solution possibilities.