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    Results appear transparent after filter application (only on-line)

    Tihana Mirkovic

      I am using Tableau Desktop public edition 10.1.1.


      I can't figure out why the display differs when a filter is applied when running a viz on my machine vs. when it is uploaded on tableau public on-line. Below is a picture of the two different outputs. When I click on Ottawa as a city, the different fields readouts (the averages on the side, as well as the listings on the map), however, they get rendered with a transparency when they are on-line, something they don't do when I run it on my machine. To make things a bit stranger, sometimes the filters for two cities (Montreal and Toronto) work even on-line (after some waiting and potentially moving the cursor around), but Ottawa and Vancouver never work properly on-line.


      The link to my dashboard is here: https://public.tableau.com/profile/tihana#!/vizhome/AirbnbCanada/Dashboard5


      If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it.Filter transparency issue.jpg