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    Data source extract refresh- unknown failure.




      We are having a extract of data source of size 760MB. It is scheduled to refresh every 2 hour. But the refresh itself would take around 3 hours to complete.

      Earlier it used to fail due to query timed out error. So, increased the query run time for 4 hrs.


      From a few days this data source is failing to refresh every time.

      But it is weird that when monitoring the background tasks for extracts, the refresh event is missing from the dashboard after running for about 2 and half hours.

      Without any proof of successful refresh, sometimes the live/last extract date and time gets updated.

      Several times tried to refresh manually and publish it to the server.

      A very few times, it does send an email saying that the refresh had failed due to unknown error.




      Also, it is skipping the in between refreshes. For example, when an 8am refresh is still in process, the 10 am refresh wouldn’t occur. When looked into server logs, found that, the refresh is being cancelled to avoid duplicate task.


      Using  tableau server  10.0.0 (10000.16.0812.0001).


      Is anyone familiar with this kind of iss

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          Hi Sushma,

          I am not sure about version 10 yet but in the version 9.x, I expect you to see the below error when you try to trigger the job manually while the schedule is still running.


          1. com.tableausoftware.model.workgroup.util.ConcurrentUpdateDuringRefreshException: Refresh Extracts Error

          Refresh failed because the workbook was overwritten by another task during processing.  Submit refresh again to correct.


          The schedules will not skipped. It's because there could be so many jobs in pending state that the next to-be run job(10 AM) is in queue waiting for its turn. In this scenario, the "next update" time will change to 12 PM eventhough the 10 AM is still in pending state.


          I would say to change the frequency to every 4 hours and check it out as scheduling a 3 hour run time job to run every 2 hours does not help the cause. This will also degrade the performance as multiple sessions are created to hit the same set of tables.



          Sabari Sandeep

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            ravindra babu

            Hi Sandeep,


            I am also facing same issue. the Dashboard was scheduled daily 4 hours. For every 3rd run and 5th run it is failing. previously it ran successfully.

            we are using  version:10.0

            time limit for all the refreshes at our server level: 3hrs

            Size of Extract :5.4MB


            what happens if another extract  is scheduled at the same time?

            If not what is the Root Cause for it?


            which parameter depends upon extract running??


            please suggest me a solution for this.