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    Extract actualisation

    David Heinz

      Hello all,


      I created a few Dashboards in Tableau Desktop based on a Microsoft Analysis Cube and a relational database.


      To publish the dashboards I uploaded them to Tableau server with an hourly refreshing/updating schedule. Once refreshed in Tableau Desktop and uploaded to Tableau Server, the extracts and views refresh itselves consequently.

      When I start Tableau Server the next day, it only shows data until the day before, although live data is available. (There is no change in the view after three hours of waiting, even when the extracts should have been refreshed by the refreshing schedule)


      When I refresh the extracts manually in Tableau Desktop and upload the workbooks to Tableau server again, everything works until the end of that day. (The data refreshs every hour).


      Can anyone explain where the problem is? It seems to be in Tableau Server...


      Thanks a lot in advance!