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    "TABCMD get"fails to

    Meghan Kyle



      I'm struggling to understand why my tabcmd code is failing for cases where I want to filter my view and save as CSV.  Below I've included the code I'm using.  When I apply the view filter and save to PDF or PNG it works! It also works if I do not filter and save to CSV.  It doesn't however work when I want to filter the view AND save to CSV.


      Am I missing something?


      Tabcmd get "views/WeeklyReports/EmailSampleDetail?FilterName=ABC" --filename PDFWorks.pdf

      Tabcmd get "views/WeeklyReports/EmailSampleDetail?FilterName=ABC" --filename PNGWorks.png

      Tabcmd get "views/WeeklyReports/EmailSampleDetail.csv" --filename ThisCSVWorks.csv

      Tabcmd get "views/WeeklyReports/EmailSampleDetail?FilterName=ABC" --filename CSVFilterDoesntWork.csv

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          Jeff D

          Hi Meghan, try adding the .csv extension:


          tabcmd get "views/WeeklyReports/EmailSampleDetail.csv?FilterName=ABC" --filename CSVFilterDoesntWork.csv


          The documentation says you don't need the extension for .pdf and.png if you use a filename parameter, but it's doesn't mention the rules for .csv, which appear to be different (I have no idea why).  Good luck!

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            Meghan Kyle

            Thank you SO much Jeff! Totally glossed over that point in the documentation haha Appreciate your help with this :-)