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    Dashboard Action Filter Using primary and secondary data sources.

    Christopher Geli

      I have 2 data sources with a lot of data on individual products.  I need to select 1 product from each data source and bring them into a third data source, which I will use to run a lot of calculated fields.  I need to do it this way because it allows me to run the calculations on just the two products selected rather than every single one of them in each original data file.


      I have a scatter plot on my dashboard using only one of the original data sets.  I'd like to click on one product in the plot and have that drive the filter in my third file.  There are too many products (and they change often) to do this through parameters.  The problem is, I can't get the action filter to work because the third sheet is run off of a different data source, even though it contains a filter from the first two data sources.


      Attached is a very simplified version of my dashboard.  I'd like to select one identifier from "Peers" and one from "Company" sheet, and have that drive the identifier filters used in the "Combined" sheet.