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    View Data for Selection Only (Multiple Tables)

    Vincent Ho

      Attached workbook has two simple sample tables. In the "OneTable" tab is a straight forward matrix from the TableMain table. When you select View Data for the December & B cell, it will produce 2 rows of records under Full Data as expected. Even when you add a Filter condition the Full Data view will still display the count shown in the matrix.


      Problem occurs when I linked Table1 with TableMain (under the "TwoTables" tab).  Because of the Filter used, the December & B cell now displays a count of 1. But when View Data is applied and looking at Full Data, all the 2 rows from the primary table (TableMain) are shown.


      Is there a way to show in View Data only the rows returned in the matrix in this case? It seems to work when using a single table, not sure why with multiple datasets it fails. Thanks all!