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    Need Help in Plotting Polygon maps.

    Milind Pukale

      Hello Guys,


      I am able to plot the polygon maps for six digit postal code using the steps mentioned in Create Tableau Maps from Shapefiles for the sample data (100000 rows).


      But when i try to plot for the entire data which has  39294128 rows tableau is not able to plot it it is taking too much of time and i see the status as executing the Query but I am not able to plot the map.


      Can you please help me regarding this.


      Please ask me if you need more information if I am not clear on the above problem.


      Kindest Regards
      Milind R P

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Milind,


          I suppose that you're trying to draw

          all your polygons on a map at once.

          Thus you're asking your Tableau Desktop

          to render about 40M Marks, which is an overkill.


          The reasonably high # of Marks to draw is about 1M.

          Anything above that requires careful considerations

          from the performance point of view.


          You may want to filter out most of the Marks

          (rows in your polygon datasource)

          by using a filter like this:

          [Point ID] = INT( [Point ID] / 1000 ) * 1000

          Setting the above calc Filter to True

          leaves every 1000th Mark on a view,

          so your polygons would be rendered

          using only about 40K Marks

          (or more, but not much).


          Alternatively, you would like to test a Spatial Files Connector --

          a new feature in Tableau 10.2 (currently in Beta):


          Coming Soon




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            Milind Pukale

            Thank you so much Yuri