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    New User - Filtering Problems

    Jessica Laskowski



      I'm new to Tableau. I've created a graph with two keys that users can click on to filter data in the graph.


      One filters by type of animal (taxonomic order) and order is represented by data point color.


      One filters by categories of age a first reproduction and is represented by data point size.


      I'm having two main problems:


      (1) When filtering by age at first reproduction in the published product, I lose other options in that same key. For example, when I click on the largest point size (oldest age group), to only see those in the graph, I lose the ability to then click on the smallest (youngest age group).


      (2) When I only filter by age at first reproduction all data points change to the smallest size. I'd like for example, when I click on the oldest age group (the largest points), for them to stay large. It's disorienting when the graph recalibrates point size with each new filter action.


      I've attached my packaged workbook and below is the link where the graph is published.




      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Cheryl Grinds

          Hi Jessica,


          In regards to selecting multiple filter values, you have two options:


          1. You can use hold down the 'control' key to select multiple values, this will allow you to pick multiple SMA Ratings to filter on (so oldest + youngest would work).




          2. Instead of using a dashboard action to filter on the SMA Rating size chart, you could instead build a filter on the worksheet and use that for filtering. I've attached a copy of the workbook showing what I did to achieve that.



          As to your second question, I'm not sure we can have Tableau automatically retain the large size when you've filtered down to only one age group. Someone else may be able to give you more guidance there though.


          Hope this helps!


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            Yuriy Fal

            Hi Jessica,


            You may want to use a Continuous (Green) Pill for the Size.

            With that you'd have an option to use a fixed range of sizes

            when editing the Size Legend for that Pill.


            Please find the attached.

            Hope it could help.




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              Jessica Laskowski

              Thanks Cheryl, Yuri,


              In following your instructions I somehow stumbled onto a solution that works really well. I added a filter to the dashboard that filters the graph by my two variables. I then added a highlight component as an action in the dashboard. This makes it so that when I select a subset of data to view, it only highlights that data and generates a new trend line. This keeps all the data points the same size regardless of what subset it is highlighted!


              Thanks again for your help. I'm sure I'll get a better handle on all of these tools as I continue to use Tableau.