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    Problem showing dates within groups in line charts


      Hi guys!


      First, I'm new to Tableau so I apologize if this is a simple issue.


      I'm developing a control chart of daily production, in which the average and the control limits are recalculated for each defined period of time. These periods are defined by a calculated field "Group By". The average and the control limits are computed using "Pane (across)".


      My problem is that when I put both the "Group By" and "Date" dimensions as columns, all the dates of the datatable are included within each group (as shown below).




      I've managed to workaround this by creating a calculated field that converts dates to strings and then replacing the "Date" dimension in the column shelf (as shown below). However, this creates me another problem since I need the X-axis to show dates in "dd/mm/yy" format, but strings are sorted alphabetically.




      For a better understanding, I've attached a simplified workbook with two sheets, one with the issue and the other with the workaround.


      I really appreciate any help you can provide on this matter.