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    Need to record survey data in a Tableau friendly format

    Frank A

      We are sending a diversity survey to 30 law firms.  The survey is located here.  The law firms will fill out the survey using a pen and mail it back to us.  I have been tasked with compiling the survey results in Excel and creating a Tableau report to show the findings.


      The survey contains 20 questions.  I think Questions 1-7 could go together in one dashboard for the firm's general information.  Questions 8-15 are tables with multiple variables.  What is the best way for me to track the data in Excel for the tables?  Please see "Question 8" in the attached Excel file to see the structure I am using - not sure if this correct.  Is there a better way to track the data and then reshape it so it is easier to enter?  Also, in the Excel workbook I have Questions 8-15 as a separate tab for each question but I am not sure that this is the best way.


      Excel and Tableau files are attached.  Please note that I am using Tableau 9.1.


      I am starting this project from scratch so I welcome any and all feedback regarding the data structure, possible visualizations I could use, etc.  Thank you for your help!