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    Group column headers


      Hello Everyone


      How can I achieve the above view in Tableau 10.0? Need to group the column names.




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          Jeffrey Kritzman

          Hi Naveen,


          Please post a workbook with data, it'll help us help you.


          That being said, there are a couple ways to do this, depending on the details.  You could add a Group Header column to your database, and have values of 1, 2, etc for each line.  Otherwise, it's going to depend on how your data is structured.


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            Matthew Risley

            Perhaps use an If statement?


            Calculated Field 1:


            If [something] = 'Measure 1' or [something] = 'Measure 2' then 'Group Header 1'

            Elseif [something] = 'Measure 3' or [something] = 'Measure 4' then 'Group Header 2'


            Then drag Calculated field 1 to your view.


            If we had a workbook, the community could better assist you


            Hope this helps!

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              Sireesha J

              Hi Naveen!


              To get the output you are looking for at Tableau level then you need to pivot the data and write a calculation as shown below.



              Hope this works.




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