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    How to manually highlight on a sheet and transfer to a dashboard?

    Dave Kush

      Good Afternoon,


      Somewhat of a novice and have a question about making manual adjustments/highlights on a sheet that can carry over to a dashboard.  Here are the details.


      I'm creating an item analysis for a series of tests given in a school.  The data is in wide form--each question is it's own column, with each student being a row.  In a given cell is the student's answer to a question



      I've got a sheet for each question that breaks down the percentage of each response.


      Then the sheets are placed on a dashboard.



      I'm trying to find a way to mark the correct answers for the end user, but we just have a key, nothing in the data indicates if the answer is correct or not.


      How can I highlight just one cell (per question) either via each sheet or the dashboard in order to make the answer jump out?  I've tried formating, but that changes all the cells. My attempts to annotate the right answer just obscure the view.    Any ideas?