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    Using Actions to Focus Rank within a Dashboard

    Paul Senatori

      I'm trying to focus on a single rank selection using action filter in a dashboard.  I have rank values over the last 12-months in worksheet.  I have another worksheet with a single table with a simple measure.  I want the user to click on the a table row and have that filter the rank worksheet to show a single row.


      Unfortunately, since ranks are computed table down, the rank values all show "1" across the full chart when the action filter is selected.


      I can't use the parameter trick since the dimension values are both dynamic and part of a hierarchy that needs to be maintained with other dimension fields. I read and attempted to apply the "duplicate data source" trick, but it doesn't appear to be working, although I may have some of the steps wrong.


      Does anyone have an idea of how to solve that problem, action filter on rankings?


      Also, it needs to be driven by an action filter from an sheet on the dashboard.