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    Cannot add discrete measure as data source filter for live connection

    Michael Damico

      I'm simply trying to eliminate all 0 value gross revenue values from a data source using the following: [Gross Revenue] = 0 (which results in a true/false). The filter works fantastic in a workbook, however when I go to add it as a data source filter, the filter isn't available in the list? Am I missing something? I have plenty of other data source filters in my workbook...this one just isn't appearing.


      Unfortunately I cannot post this workbook, but if absolutely needed I'm sure I could put one together mimicking the issue. Here's a screenshot though:


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          Joshua Milligan



          This is expected.  You cannot use an aggregation as a data source filter.  It works for an individual view because Tableau knows the view level of detail to calculate the aggregation.  But if you added it at a data source connection, then at what level would you want the sum to be calculated? Across the entire data set? In that case you'd either get all the data (because the sum of revenue wasn't 0) or you'd get none of the data (because it was 0). 


          If you wanted another level, then you could specify the calculation as a Level of Detail expression and it would then be available as a data source filter.


          e.g. You want to exclude any department where revenue is 0:


          {FIXED [Department] : SUM([Revenue])}



          Hope that helps!