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    Actuals v Budget Blending and YTD values

    Neel Rajani

      Hi all,


      I have scoured the community for solutions to my problem for a while now without success. I have two data sets (anonymised for this exercise) and would like to have a view which shows:



      MTD ActualYTD ActualMTD BudgetYTD BudgetMTD VarianceYTD Variance
      Sales - forming/advisory revenue
      Sales - activating revenue
      Sales - performing revenue
      Sales - Performing Revenue (affiliates)
      Sales - Reimbursable Expenses
      Sales - supporting/academy revenue
      Grand Total



      The end user can then filter by Month (and the YTD number will change depending on the month selected (which represents the end month)).


      I have been able to create the tables individually by creating duplicate data sets however this does not allow me to create a variance column as the data sources as separate and need to be blended.


      I have attempted to blend the data by choosing month/date however the data seems to duplicate and the aggregates are wrong.


      Thanks for your help,

      Kind regards

      Neel Rajani