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    Adding Measures as Mark Labels




      I was wondering if there is any way to identify or link measures as a label on a graph. I have a bar graph that breaks down response values (in %) to a series of questions and want to show the Question # as a label on each bar. Currently each question # is a separate column in the data source, and thus a separate measure, and I have created aliases with the full question text for each one so that when hovering over the bar the full question is visible. I am able to get that to show on the bar as a label but the issue is only want to show the question #. I don't think multiple aliases per measure is possible so is there any way to create a new field where I can link each current question # measure to a new, single, measure or dimension and then drag that one to the labels mark card?


      This may not be a clear ask so please let me know if I can clarify.



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