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    Problem in calculation

    Sultan Altowerqi

      Hi All,


      I have a small problem with tableau calculation field. The data in the attachment. As you will the data I need to calculate the percentage of the ESCAPED by divide the ESCAPED over the SUM(UR_ENTRY) for example(1002/1265872)*100 = 0.0791549224566149

      When I created the calculated field I wrote the following:

      1. To get the Escape "[SUM(UR_ESCAPED)]-[SUM(UR_ESCAPED_EXIT)]" I called this one as ESCAPED

      2. To get the percentage "([ESCAPED]/([SUM(UR_ENTRY)]))*100" I called this one as Calculation 1


      Finally the result is something wrong I have attach the result.







      Can anyone help me in this issue?


      Thanks in advance,