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    A Midlands TUG Meeting in February 2017

    Elena Hristozova

      Hello everyone,


      After a couple of really successful user group meetings earlier this year we thought it would be nice to plan the next one. We are happy to host at the University of Nottingham and after a brief chat with Alex we have penciled in Tuesday 7th February.


      Further details will be shared after the holidays with eventbrite invitations. However, we would really like to hear in what format you would like the event to be  - would you like to continue the show-and-tell presentation format with user cases and tableau experts or would you like to see something different?


      One idea we have in mind is dedicating part of the time to working in small groups on a common dataset and then sharing with the rest the different approaches, clever tricks and overall guiding principles adopted when building a dashboard.


      There are some very interesting suggestions as part of earlier posts in this forum, so please comment below what you would like to see or share at the next user group meeting. We can then put together an agenda and finalise the event details.


      Thank you and happy Christmas!


      Best wishes,