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    Filter Selection

    Eshwar Prasad

      Hi Team, thank for your support.


      i have requirement like below. I need to display all years data on the view irrespective of the Year filter selection. If you unselect all in the year filter then view should become empty.


      Ex: if select Year 2012 , all Years should on the view..


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          Jamil Ahmed

          Don't provide the Year filter option for this view.

          If the question is you have attached this view to a dashboard and there other views are using the Year filter option, then simply make a custom selection for the date filter option and exclude this worksheet.

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            Eshwar Prasad

            Yes Jamil, we can do that.


            I have more that 4 views on my Dashboard for which Year would the global filter.


            for one view year should not be applied. But if i didn't select anything, All views on the Dashboard should be empty includi ng  the on which Year filter wont applicable.