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    Getting wild value when dumping calculated field to CSV (only happens with one value)


      Hi all,

      I'm getting an oddity when dumping down a data set from Tableau (10.1) into a csv.  This is work I'm doing for a class I'm taking.  If the number wasn't so drastic, I might not have noticed it.  I have attached screen shots to show you what I get in Tableau (correct) and what is appearing in my csv (incorrect).  It is only impacting that one data point.  All others are correct.  It appears to be dropping the decimal point maybe?  I'd appreciate any feedback.  This is not critical to resolve as I can easily correct it, but concerning that it might be a bug of some sort and as I mentioned if it wasn't such a drastic number I wouldn't have caught it.


      I have attached the workbook if others want to attempt the same thing and let me know if they get the same results.