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    Display Columns from a single worksheet to two worksheets

    Pragati Jain


      I basically have got pie-charts for 15 different cars on a single worksheet. Now I want pie-chart for 8 cars to be displayed on 1st worksheet and for the the rest of the cars on 2nd worksheet.

      I created a calculated field "rowFilter" with the formula as:

      IF [size] % 2 = 1

          THEN [index] <= ([size] / 2) + 1

          ELSE [index] <= ([size] / 2)


      "size" and "index" are another measures which have SIZE() and INDEX() functions in them.

      The definition for size is: SIZE()

      The definition for index is: INDEX()

      After this I have set "rowFilter" to TRUE for one worksheet and FALSE for another worksheet.

      But for me the data gets displayed in a weird manner. I get 8 pie-charts on both the worksheets but a pie-chart repeated for a car on 2nd worksheet. It basically displays correct data for 14 cars on both the worksheets but it displays half data for 1 car on 1st worksheet and remaining half data for that same car on 2nd worksheet.

      I am not getting this why this is happening and not able to identify this issue.

      I the two worksheets, attached below you can see that the pie-chart for "Hilux" car is repeated on both worksheets. It displays half data for this car on first worksheet and the rest on the 2nd worksheet.

      I cannot attach my worksheet as the data is confidential but I can attach screenshots for my two worksheets.

      I will be great if anyone can help me with this issue.

      Thanks a lot in advance.