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    Occasional SAML authentication error and session

    Lawrence Yu

      My first question on this forum. 


      So, here is the issue.  We have fairly new Tableau servers and just implemented SAML SSO with Tableau a few weeks ago.  Since then, users are getting "Unable to sign on" page occasionally when they try to access Tableau server URL.  If they clear the browser cache and restart browser, they can access the URL again.  As more and more users starting to use Tableau, I have noticed this error is getting more prevalent .


      From the vizportal-0.log, I can see ": ERROR com.tableausoftware.domain.user.saml.SAMLExtendedProcessingFilter - SAML Authentication Failed, please contact the administrator." 




      com.tableausoftware.api.webclient.WebClientApiController - com.tableausoftware.domain.exceptions.InvalidSessionException: Session not found. (errorCode=46)


      Not being an expert in interpreting vizportal log.  Do you know what I should look for?


      A support case has also been submitted.