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    Set Value At Specific Date

    Eoghan Lyons

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to use a parameter control to lookup the value of a certain metric on a specific date?


      For example, let's say the parameter is labelled "Date". Is there a formula that I can set a value for my metric which is already aggregated (let's say Revenue) so that the table updates to whatever the value was for revenue on the day I enter?




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          Eoghan Lyons

          Basically what I want to do is to calculate the compound growth rate between the start of the period and then end. See attached.


          I don't want to do it in discrete periods as in this chart. I would like to see start point, end point and the percentage growth rate between the two.


          Is this possible?



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            Maciek La

            Do you have to display it on timescale?

            If not then you can create 3 sheets and 2 parameters to handle that.

            Create 2 parameters for start and end date and 1 calculated field keeping result of your calculation.

            Create 2 sheets and on each display bar or point from your parameter.

            Then create 1 new sheet and pull this new calculated field on label.

            Pull sheets on dashboard so you have 1 sheet with start date bar, sheet with label and second sheet with end date.

            ultimately you can change those parameter bars just to labels so you will have 3 labels (start year, growth and end date). You can tweak it further to show it as a growth in graphical way.