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    Side by Side bar chart- Data from 2 different data bases


      Hello All,


      I am trying to create a bar chart side by side, data is coming from 2 data sources and final goal is to show this.

      Consider A,B,C... as Months (Jan,feb,mar...)

      Example: Blue line should show spend1 value from first data source and Green Bar should show Spend2 value from second data source for each Month.

      Comparing Spend1 and Spend2 values for each Month with specific Country.


      I was able to get stacked bar chart but not side by side. I am not sure whether the attached sample would be appropriate to explain my issue here.

      Real Time: In my original dashboard I have data coming from 2 data bases and I am using the blending concept to get the spend1 n spend2 comparison with each month for specific product name and common values for both the data bases are product name.

      In Columns - Product Name and Month(Date)

      Rows- sum(spend1), sum(spend2)-(for spend2 in rows I used dual axis)

      Marks- Bar chart-

      All -Measure Names as Color

      Sum(spend1)- Measure name as color

      sum(spend2)- Measure name as color

      This is what I did in real time or in sample.