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    Overlapping date ranges

    James Wilson

      Hello all. I know this topic has been covered, but I am still having trouble solving my problem so figured I would post the question. I frequently look at Excel data dumps of financial information (sales transaction detail, vendor purchases, etc) and use tableau to sort and manipulate the data. For my work it is important to look at the data on a trailing twelve month (TTM) basis, as well as fiscal year basis. I would like to have a table in tableau that shows a TTM period, along with a normal calendar year. As an example, I would like to see the TTM period ended November 30, 2016, side by side with calendar year 2015 data. Currently I can create a TTM period using a custom date range with start and end parameters and a calculated field. However, when I try to view this with a 2015 period the overlap cuts data out of one period or the other. As a result I have to use two tabs in tableau which makes things more difficult. Additionally I cannot produce a combined export directly out of tableau...I have to generate two reports then vlookup data from one to the other.


      The end goal is to have a TTM and calendar year, with overlapping months, side by side in a table. Then I can pull in dimensions such as customer and vendor ID, and measures such as revenue or purchases. Is this possible?