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    Getting if user was present in previous month


      Hey Guys,


      We have a problem we want to solve using Tableau (10.1): we have a data source that has record for every time a customer used a product, something simple like this:

      CustomerDatePresent in previous month (expected result)
      A2016-07-01 13:51:000 (this is the first time A used the service)
      A2016-08-05 14:12:001 (because of the previous record)
      B2016-08-01 08:09:000 (first time B used the service)
      B2016-10-03 07:04:000 (last time was 2 months ago, no record in September)
      A2016-09-03 18:06:001 (there's a record for August)


      and so on.. please note that the data is not ordered by customer.


      Present in previous month: we want to tell if a customer used the service in the previous month or not. Not last / first usage or anything like that, just simply used the service. Can we solve this with a calculated field without joins / data blending? Normally I would blend this data source with itself on customer and month(date) = previous month, but I don't know if we can solve this without that, simply using a calculated field.


      Thank you,