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    Changing Time Zone on Tableau Server

    Charles Ayotte-Trépanier



      I have somewhat of a silly question to which I'm 98% sure I know the answer but I really want to make sure I do not break anything.


      I need to change Tableau Server from Montréal time to UTC (daylight saving time is creating some issues.) It seems all I have to do is to change the time on the server, and then run:


              • tabadmin stop
              • tabadmin configure
              • tabadmin start


      (source: http://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/tableau-server-time-zone-does-not-match-windows-server-time-zone )


      Has anyone ever changed the time zone on their instance of Tableau Server? Is there any issues to be expected? Of course, I will first do it on the test server, but I can imagine issues to go unoticed until they affect the actual users.