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    Holidays 2016

    Tom W

      Hi Folks,

      I thought people might be interested to know what each of us are up to over the holiday period as both a social check-in and so we have a better idea about who might be around during that time!


      Personally, I'm off to Australia on Thursday the 22nd in the evening East Coast time and after shifting timezones I arrive on the morning of Christmas Eve 24 hours later.

      It's our first Christmas back in Australia since we moved to the US which is exciting as we can trade in our boots, gloves and jackets for a board-short and BBQ style Christmas!


      We'll be there until the 8th of January attending yet another wedding, so expect me to come back with a fresh profile picture in early 2017. During that time I'll be meeting new babies, attending a couple of days of the annual Australian Cricket Boxing Day Test Match (which goes for 5 days in total, it's a true test of patience) and generally being 'merry'.


      I hope everyone has a safe and happy Holidays!

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