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    Showing country ratings upgrade/downgrade

    David Recuero Guerra

      Dear all,


      I am trying to build a viz showing country ratings. Ratings are usually very static and rarely change, but I am interested in having some kind of visual that shows me when there is a change in the rating for any particular country. I also want to use a map to shows the static picture, and somehow build a viz that notifies the changes (if any).


      I would appreciate if you could give me some ideas to build this viz.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Rob Davis

          Hi David,

          It sounds like you're looking to compare a current rating (please clarify if you mean a ranking) with one that has already been set historically.  I'd imagine the data set looks something like:


          Country | Historical Rating or Ranking | Current Rating or Ranking

          US | 10 | 5  [this scenario is positive, display green upward arrow and spots climbed]

          Canada | 6 | 7 [this scenario is negative, display red downward arrow and spots dropped]

          Mexico |12 | 12 [neutral scenario, no change]


          Current Rating or Ranking =

          IF [Historical Rating] > [Current Rating] THEN 'positive direction' ELSEIF [Historical Rating] < [Current Rating] THEN 'negative direction' ELSE 'neutral' END


          And then you would just use this new calculated field to compare the two fields (historical vs current rating) and display a shape like an upward arrow if the resulting value has moved up in rating like the US which has climbed from 10 to 5 and then overlay the rating difference of number of spots climbed. 


          You could then create a filled map that contains a green/red/neutral color to tied to the calculated field



          Rob Davis